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Christina Marty Reflexology


Because reflexology is a natural, non-invasive treatment it is wonderful to help on many different levels to encourage conception, to help maintain a stress and problem free pregnancy, to help induce the birth of the baby without the use of drugs when the time is right, and to help a new mum get her body back to normal after the birth.



The Association of Reflexologists indicates that over 50% of clients seeking reflexology in connection with conception find themselves pregnant within six months.

First and foremost, to conceive, it is vital for your body to be as relaxed and stress-free as possible. Reflexology can achieve this and can also give all the parts of the body that play an important role in conception a ‘kick-start’. Energy pathways can be unblocked and any imbalances that lead to problems of infertility can be corrected.

The satisfaction of knowing that reflexology is harmonising your body, mind and spirit to help create a healthy pregnancy can alone help prepare yourself mentally for such an exciting, yet sometimes daunting life experience.

If you are undergoing fertitlity treatment, reflexology can hugely compliment this procedure by naturally helping to rebalance the hormonal effect of taking fertility drugs. It can also help support you physically and mentally through what can be quite a stressful process.



Fertility 2Reflexology during pregnancy is wonderful! Not only do you greatly gain from the effects, but your baby does too.

Your body is undergoing all sorts of changes during pregnancy and reflexology can help the body to cope with the following:

– Acid Reflux
– Backachce
– Constipation and other digestion problems
– Headaches
– Hormone imbalance
– High blood pressure
– Insomnia
– Morning sickness
– Stress and anxiety
– Water retention


Lead up to the Birth

Studies have shown that having weekly reflexology treatments starting at least 6 weeks before your due date can decrease the length of labour, can decrease the need for strong pain relief and can decrease the likelihood of tearing during the birth.

Reflexology is becoming more commonly used within the NHS, especially in maternity units as a well established, respected and effective therapy



Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing and supportive treatment for women after giving birth. It can help with:

– Calming and relaxing mother and baby when sleep is erratic
– Hormonal imbalances
– Increasing energy levels
– Kick-starting the body (and metabolism) into regaining its pre-pregnancy shape
– Maintaining and increasing milk supply
– Pain relief


Babies and Children


Reflexology is a very soothing and effective treatment to give to babies and children and a mum can learn the main points and techniques quite easily. It not only creates a great bond between mother and child through the power of touch, but can help with:

– Calming and comforting
– Colds
– Digestive problems
– Sleep patterns


Reflexology is a form of complimentary medicine and should never be used as a substitute for medical care.






First treatment: £70 (incl. 30 minute consultation)

Subsequent treatments: £60

Block of 6 treatments £320

Please add £10 + parking if you’d like a treatment in your own home in Chiswick.


“I had a wonderful experience throughout my reflexology sessions with Christina. She provided a calm haven for my weekly hour of bliss, which as a busy Mum of two was very welcome. Christina listened to all my ailments patiently and applied them very well, discussing throughout what she was doing as I was really interested in understanding about the treatment. She also really helped with a bout of insomnia I was experiencing and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an hour of pampering or to assist with specific ailments.”

Joanna, Chiswick

“Christina has truly magic hands. Not only is a reflexology treatment with her sublimely relaxing, it also worked to sort out my ailments – all in the comfort of my own home. My skin glowed as a result!”

Claudia, East Sheen

“Christina’s work is healing on many levels – feet, body, mind and spirit. She invites you into her generous world of energy and gives away with her heart. Plus it just feels bloody good and is really relaxing!”

Ida Zimmer Mellentin, Copenhagen

“I had a whole series of reflexology sessions with Christina. She approached each and every one of them with extreme care and professionalism. Not only does she provide a very warm and welcoming setting for her treatment, she also ensures that it is hugely relaxing. I used to really look forward to my next session – and always felt like I was almost “floating” when I left (Christina always having successfully diagnosed any current ailments). I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

Danielle, Chiswick

“I thoroughly enjoy the whole experience of my reflexology sessions with Christina! It feels so indulgent having my feet up for an hour after which I either feel totally relaxed or really energised depending on what my body is obviously needing. I always leave feeling I can’t wait til my next treatment!”

Kirsty, Richmond

“I’ve been seeing Christina as I was looking for a way to deal with various minor health issues that I felt were impacting on my overall health. I find it is easy to relax and enjoy the sessions. Christina is knowledgeable and professional and together with the expert advice she provides, the treatments have had a really positive effect.”

Ruth, Chiswick



When Christina and her husband adopted their gorgeous twin daughters from China in 2005, she decided to put her Wedding Dress business of 13 years on hold to spend more time at home with them.

Having always been fascinated by reflexology and having enjoyed many treatments herself, she decided it would be an amazing skill to literally have at the end of her finger-tips to use on her daughters. When she qualified with distinction at the Practitioner’s School of Reflexology she knew she’d found another calling! She then went on to gain a diploma in Preconception, Pregnancy and Post Natal Care at the School of Reflexology.

Christina has since established a steady and loyal client base, all enjoying the benefits of her professional, skilful and caring approach!

There is nothing more rewarding than using reflexology to help people feel better in mind, body and spirit


TreatmentsYou can benefit by having a one-off treatment, a weekly/monthly ‘service’ or more regular treatments for an acute or chronic condition.

Each treatment lasts 50 minutes, unless it is your first, in which case a 30 minute consultation will be added.

Relaxation/Energy Boost

Treat yourself anytime to a pampering treatment when feeling stressed, overworked or just feeling sluggish. Your eyes will look brighter and your skin will feel fresher as a result. You will feel the difference.

A Presenting Condition

After an initial consultation, a treatment plan will be put together consisting of all the areas of the body that may be affecting your disorder. Even though it is important to work on all areas of the body to achieve optimum health throughout, more emphasis will be applied to these particular areas. The pressure will be tailored to your needs and desire throughout the treatment.

Depending on the condition being treated and it’s severity, the number of treatment sessions required will vary. This will be discussed at your first treatment. Some people also choose to have ‘top ups’ to keep the condition at bay.


Reflexology has been around for centuries. A wall carving found on the Egyptian tomb of the physician to the King suggests it was used as early as 2330BC. However it only began to be used in England towards the end of the last century.

Reflexology works by massaging pressure points, known as reflex points, on the hands and feet, that correspond to all the major organs, glands and body parts. Messages are sent via the nervous system to harmonise the energy flow and regulate function in each of these areas, thereby stimulating the body’s own healing process. It is a wonderful treatment for increasing energy levels or simply stimulating deep relaxation depending on which your body is in need of more. More specifically it helps to rebalance any areas where blockages exist that are preventing the body from functioning at it’s optimum. Reflexology can find and help correct these imbalances even if you are unaware they exist.

By bringing the whole body into balance, focusing on the eight bodily systems, reflexology can help with disorders that are not necessarily presenting obvious symptoms from a particular body part.

Insomnia, for example, can be as a result of bad digestion, an imbalance within the endocrine system (hormone release), muscle tension, a bone injury and/or stress. All of these need to be assessed and treated (if necessary) to help with this presenting condition.



Reflexology can help with the following conditions to name but a few:

– aches and pains
– anxiety
– arthritis
– asthma
– back pain
– bad digestion, incl. constipation, IBS, flatulence
– colds and flu
– depression
– headaches
– hormone imbalance
– infertility
– insomnia
– menopause
– migraines
– skin complaints, incl. eczema, psoriasis, acne
– sore throats,
– stress


redder foot chartFoot Chart

There are 67 reflex points on each foot and when pressure is applied to an area where there is an imbalance, it will feel tender. Crystal deposits may also be felt under the skin in this area too. These sensations will subside as the condition becomes treated.






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